Nightingales (Y5/6)

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Home learning, 


Read for 30 minutes each day (this can be done as 3 10 minutome  slots) - look up the meaning of any unknown words, practice spelling them and using them in the context of a sentence.

Write a book review of something that has been read (what happened in the story? How did it make you feel? Would you recommend the book? etc)


Write a description of what you can see out of your window.  Include: similies, metaphors, personification, adventurous vocabulary, range of sentence structures and punctuation.

Write a short story (300 words) which is set in The Spring. Identify which genre you are writing (horror, adventure/mystery, fairy-tale etc).  You must create a main character  for your story, a plot including opening, build up and problem.  Will your story end on a cliff hanger?  Will your story be told as a flashback?  Prizes to be awarded for the most original and engaging stories, including all the spag features learnt this year (commas, colons, semi colons, hyphens, dashes, brackets etc).


Times table practice - test yourself against the clock for all tables up to 12 x 12 including multiples of 10 (eg 80 x 80;  0.7 x 0.6 etc)

Create random calculations involving the 4 operations (eg 4567 x 547;  8746 ÷ 14;  7.964 + 457.9;  946.3 - 2.397)

Plot a line graph of the temperature in Stoke/Allhallows throughout the day and night (go online to find out the temperature at each hour). Analyse the data to find out when the highest/ lowest temperature was, the difference between the highest and lowest temperatures; how much warmer it was at 2pm compared to 9am etc.  Present a weather forecast based on your findings (This could be written, a poster including the graph and annotations,  a video etc).





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