Kingfishers ( Y1/2)

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YEAR 1 & 2: Home learning


 Read for 30 minutes each day (this can be done as 3 10 minute slots) - look up the meaning of any unknown words, practice spelling them and using them in the context of a sentence.

Write a book review of something that has been read during the week (what happened in the story? How did it make you feel? Would you recommend the book? etc)



I would like you to write a descriptive piece of writing about the weather. The weather is so mesmerising and beautiful, you will be able to write a really detailed piece of work with lots of exciting adjectives for me to read! Extra house points if you are able to use commas and apostrophes in the right places! 



Times tables practice. Test yourself against the clock in your 2, 5 and 10 times table. Learning your times tables means you won't have to take lots of time drawing out arrays and groups of! 

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