Our assembly theme is Internet Safety, Making Decisions

Consider these questions, how do you keep your family safe on the internet?

Who uses the internet? 

What websites do you use? 

Why is the internet useful? 

When do you use the internet?

Why should we be safe on the internet? 

How can we stay safe on the internet? 

What should we do if we think we are being bullied on line? 

Quote of the fortnight

“The internet is a wonderful tool, but technology is increasing faster than the safety message is.”

Pam Weaver

Baroness Joanna Shields 

Person of the fortnight

Baroness Joanna Shields was the UK Minister 

For Internet Safety and security from 2015-2017. Previously, she worked for some

of the worlds best-known technology companies including Google and Facebook.

Part of her role involved her trying to stop people putting inappropriate information

on the internet and reducing the amount of crime. Her aim was to make

the UK the safest place to use the internet.