Staff List

No one invests more than our dedicated staff body here at Stoke Community School. Some of our staff are amongst the most accomplished you will find in any school or indeed any walk of life. Our teachers bring remarkable qualities. Passion, discipline, excellence are their match words. They are representative of our pupil’s and recognise the power of education. To this end the staff body has a united common purpose to excel and be the best it can collectively be.

Acting Chief Executive Officer Mr E. Hodges
Mrs. L. Wilson
Vice Principle Mrs. H. Penning
Inclusion/SEND Mrs. V. Butler
Reception Class Teacher Mrs. V. Butler
Year 1 & 2 Class teacher Miss. L.Sharp
Schools Direct Year 1 & 2 Ms D Elliott
Year 3 & 4 Class teacher
Miss. A. Theobald 
Year 5 & 6 Class teacher
Mrs. H. Penning
Schools Direct Year 5 & 6 Mr. J. Kurzepa
Nursery Class
Mrs. M. Sherman - Senior Nursery  Officer
Mrs J Webb Flint - Nursery Assistant
Mrs K Roberts - Nursery Assistant

PPA Cover

Mrs. W. Drobka
Teaching Assistant
Mrs. A. Elms Year 3 & 4
Mrs. S. Budge Year 1 & 2
Mrs. L. Goldsack Year R
Associate Staff 
Mrs. S Pratten - Office
Mrs, S. Jacobs - Cleaner & Midday Supervisor
- Cook
 - Kitchen
Mrs. J. MacFarlane - Breakfast Club
Mr. K. Roberts - Site Team