I am delighted to welcome you to Stoke Primary Academy.

As a proud member of the Leigh Academies Trust we believe in the huge potential of our pupils and focus relentlessly on high aspirations and high achievement. Our aim is that every pupil will go on to a good university or into a career of their choice.

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  • 7/04/2019 Puffling Class have keeping a close eye on the caterpillars. From the tiny eggs they watched the tiny creatures hatch, eat and grow ready to turn into chrysalis’. Wonder what colour these beautiful butterflies will be. Read more
  • 7/04/2019 Ducklings enjoyed a day of Easter activities, as you can see they had great fun making Easter gardens, decorating eggs, tasting bread, wring Eater cards and baking pretzels. We would like to wish you a very Happy Easter and a restful break. Read more
  • 7/04/2019 To conclude Nightingale’s research about sound and hearing, they used a variety of materials to construct a musical instrument. How does it work, can you change it’s pitch, which section of the orchestra would it belong to and how could it be improved? Lots of fun. Read more
  • 7/04/2019 To conclude our Easter RE activities, the whole school visited our village Methodist Church for a reflective Easter service. Beautifully sung, clearly read, super respect and listening skills were demonstrated by the children. A calm and thoughtful way to end our term. Read more
  • 7/04/2019 End of term 4 celebration assembly. Learning Power certificates were proudly received, Discovery earned a phenomenal 162 house points this week, although the yearly totals are all very close. 30 read books were chosen by these avid readers. Have a lovely Easter break. Read more
  • 4/04/2019 It’s been Enterprise Day today. The children have been busy planning, budgeting and making their products ready for the big sale. There was a fabulous variety of Easter products available to purchase, wonder which class made the highest profit this time? Read more