I am delighted to welcome you to Stoke Community School.

As a proud member of the Williamson Trust we believe in the huge potential of our pupils and focus relentlessly on high aspirations and high achievement. Our aim is that every pupil will go on to a good university or into a career of their choice.

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  • 17/01/2019 The school continue to be involved in a variety of e-safety activities to support S.I.D. Age appropriate lessons will reinforce the children’s safety knowledge. We are proud that our pupils embrace such a vital topic. Read more
  • 17/01/2019 Nightingale Class used adventurous adjectives to describe scenes from a Victorian Workhouse. As you can see, the children showed amazing concentration and collaboration skills. Examples included- mundane, wide eyed, pungent, functional and wretched. Read more
  • 17/01/2019 How lovely to have Rev. Gwilt in for assembly. The children enjoy the fun songs and the thoughtful messages in the stories he tells. Today the lesson of his parable was about gardening, growing and looking after yourself to achieve the very best you can. Read more
  • 16/01/2019 Puffling Class have been using mouse skills, imagination and knowledge of topic to paint these super space pictures. “Look, I’ve done Earth, it’s blue and green.” “My rocket is zooming up to the Moon.” How proud they look showing their colourful art work. Read more
  • 16/01/2019 Yummy sandwiches being prepared by Duckling Class. “ I need two pieces of bread”, “jam, jam, jam” sang one child as he happily spread it on his bread. What a wonderful way to learn life skills, making and cutting treats ready for their very own pyjama party. Read more
  • 16/01/2019 Five little men in a flying saucer...Puffling Class happily sang as they calculated subtraction sums. They loved taking one away from their flying saucer, counting how many were left and writing number sentences. The children are learning to correctly form the digits. Read more